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  • IMG-20220222-WA0000

    IFAM reveals new hardware and LOTO products at SICUR


    IFAM attended the SICUR International Security Exhibition in February, one of the most important trade fairs for this sector in Europe. Usually held every two years, the event this year was a return to normality for the trade fair schedule as well as a chance to continue strengthening business relations at face-to-face events. This led [...]

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  • cerrojo_cs500_oscura Large

    IFAM introduces the CS500; its new high security rim lock


    IFAM introduces the CS500; its new high security rim lock suitable for use with Euro profile cylinders. This model combines the quality of its materials, aesthetic and robust design and three different finishes aimed at satisfying any particular preference. All with the advantage that it can be adapter to any long cam Euro profile cylinder. [...]

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  • cilindros_iridium_platinum_ifam

    New Iridium and Platinum cylinders: choose the security level you want while using the same key profile


    IFAM presents its two new cylinder series: Iridium M and Platinum M. These two series represent a new concept within the range of cylinders from the brand because they share the same key profile (the M profile from IFAM) while offering different levels of security: high security from the Iridium series and medium security from [...]

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  • embellecedor-universal-escudos-cerraduras

    IFAM introduces its new escutcheon trim for locks


    IFAM completes its line of escutcheons for locks with the addition of its Universal escutcheon trim for locks. These escutcheons are suitable for use with practically all models of the brand as well as with numerous models made by other manufacturers. This is a very useful accessory; for example, when an escutcheon or lock is [...]

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  • es700_noticia

    IFAM presents its new cylinder escutcheon ES700


    IFAM adds a new item to its escutcheons for locks. We are talking about the ES700 model, a medium range product addition to the Ifam brand that is noteworthy for providing excellent security and quality at a reasonable price. The ES700 escutcheon incorporates anti-extraction and anti-drilling protections, a core reinforced with steel plates and a [...]

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  • storm_mini_noticia

    Storm Mini, the most compact brake disc lock with an alarm


    The line of brake disc locks for motorcycles from IFAM welcomes a new item: the Storm Mini device. It is the most compact anti-theft device with an alarm from IFAM. In the 7.5cm long body it houses a powerful alarm that can reach 110 decibels. We are talking about a small device, but one that [...]

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  • cerraduras_mca_noticia

    IFAM adds mechanical code locks to its range of locks


    IFAM presents the MCA100 and MCA200 locks, with mechanical code opening mechanisms. Designed for installation on interior doors, these new locks serve the purpose of providing access control to offices and other workplaces, teaching centres, residential blocks, etc. They are genuinely easy to use. Simply enter the combination on the front of the lock and [...]

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  • cerraderos_electricos_ifam

    IFAM adds electric strikes to its locksmith product’s range


    IFAM is strengthening its extensive range of locksmith products with the incorporation of a new product line: electric strikes. These devices, also known as electric door openers, allow doors to be opened by means of an electrical impulse. Under the name E-Strike, IFAM is offering a large number of products in three different models. These [...]

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  • sftne_noticia

    IFAM presents SAFESTONE safes


    IFAM is expanding its range of security accessories by launching the SAFESTONE safes. Combining high security with aesthetic style, these safes feature cutting-edge technology in that not only do they offer an opening mechanism based on a numerical combination but also offer a biometric digital fingerprint version. Besides the two different opening mechanisms, the SAFESTONE [...]

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  • fundas_llaves_ifam_news

    New coloured key caps for IFAM cylinder keys, rim lock keys and padlock keys


    IFAM recently presented an interesting accessory for the keys to some of its best-selling cylinder locks and padlocks. These silicon covers come in various colours and essentially serve two purposes: firstly, they provide a way to know which key opens which cylinder lock or padlock; and, secondly, they provide better grip and easier use of [...]

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