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IFAM introduces the CS500; its new high security rim lock

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IFAM introduces the CS500; its new high security rim lock suitable for use with Euro profile cylinders. This model combines the quality of its materials, aesthetic and robust design and three different finishes aimed at satisfying any particular preference. All with the advantage that it can be adapter to any long cam Euro profile cylinder.

This adaptability provides three important advantages. The first advantage is that the CS500 uses a standard opening system like the European profile cylinder. This way the user can choose the cylinder lock they prefer based on the desired level of security, measurements, etc.

Secondly, the wide range of lengths of these cylinder locks ensures the CS500 is suitable for use many different types of wide sized doors.

And lastly, if desired, a sufficiently long cylinder can be used to add an escutcheon to the outside of the door, reinforcing the security of the lock. In this regard, it is suitable for use with any escutcheon with a 26 or 38 mm wheelbase, which is the European standard. For example, in the IFAM product range we recommend using escutcheon ES803 or ES700.

Also worth mentioning is its adaptability along with its robust design and carefully chosen materials and finishes. The base of the rim lock and its internal components are made of stainless steel, while the casing is made of a zinc alloy. On the other hand, the level is 20mm thick.

Depending on the type of cylinder that is installed, the CS500 rim lock may incorporate one of two opening systems: key type opening on both sides of the door or a knob/key system.

The CS500 rim lock is available in three finishes: matte nickel, matte brass and metallic black, satisfying any preference and adapting to all types of door finishes.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail