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G2 Key storage with shackle

A key storage ideal for outdoor activities

With the G2 key storage with shackle from IFAM you can safely leave keys and other small personal items while you are carrying out outdoor activities. With a large capacity (up to about 20 standard-size keys) the IFAM G2’s locking system is operated with a 4-dial combination. Choose your combination (there are 10,000 differs to choose), open the shackle, hook it in a safe place and enjoy unhindered.


Body: – Made of zinc alloy with a highly resistant plastic case.
– Room for about 20 standard size keys.
Shackle: – Made of steel with a rubber case for protecting the shackle from shocks and humidity.
Opening / locking: – Through a 10-digit 4-dial combination.
– 10.000 differs to choose.
– Sliding lid for protecting the dials from dirt and humidity.
Packaging: – Blister packed.


Guardallaves G2
Body base: 78.5 mm.
Body height: 126.5 mm.
Shackle height: 45 mm.
Shackle diameter: 10.5 mm.
Shackle span: 32 mm.
Body thickness: 42 mm.