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  • candado-huella-dactilar-cool-touch-des

    Cool Touch padlock


    Fingerprint opening padlock Forget about keys and combinations. Your fingerprint is enough to handle the new IFAM’s Cool Touch padlock. High technology and style go hand in hand with this device, capable of recording the fingerprints of up to 10 users. All this with a simplicity of use that makes this padlock ideal for people [...]

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  • candados-de-acero-steelus-ifam-art

    Steelus padlocks


    Maximum versatility with a steel body The Steelus Series padlocks from IFAM feature extreme versatility. They offer a wide range of standard and long shackle sizes and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments thanks to the powder coating on the steel body. They also have a hardened steel shackle on models from 30 [...]

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  • candado-tsa-tryplock4w-ifam-art

    TrypLock 4W padlock


    TSA padlock with four-wheel combination The TSA padlock range from IFAM now includes the Typlock 4W model, which adds increased security over the other TSA models from the brand by incorporating a four-wheel combination lock. Owners therefore have up to 10,000 options to choose from when setting a combination.

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  • candado-tsa-tryplcok-cable-ifam-art

    TrypLock Cable padlock


    The perfect TSA padlock for closing various compartments If you’re looking for a TSA padlock capable of blocking two compartments of your luggage simultaneously, the Tryplock Cable padlock from IFAM is the answer. Its flexible steel wire shackle makes it possible. It also has another practical feature: the small side magnifying glasses to enlarge the [...]

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  • cerrojo-d5-ifam-art

    D5 rim lock


    Rim lock opened with a key from both sides of the door The D5 rim lock from IFAM shares its shape, materials, internal components and accessories with the B6 and B5 locks. The main difference is that it can be opened with a key from both sides of the door. The D5 lock adapts to [...]

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  • antirrobos-disco-freno-moto-power-ifam-art

    Power brake disc lock


    A brake disc lock offering maximum peace of mind Anyone looking for maximum peace of mind when parking their motorcycle on the street or in their garage can trust in the high security of the Power lock from IFAM. It has a robust zinc alloy body and a 13 mm high cut resistant steel shackle. [...]

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  • cadena-antirrobo-bici-combinacion-milan-art

    Milan chains


    The security of extremely easy-to-use and easy-to-carry chain locks The Milan chain locks for bicycles from IFAM provide a high level of security based on 5.5 mm thick galvanised steel links. Besides being highly secure, these chains are also easy to carry due to their flexibility and weight. They are also easy to use thanks [...]

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  • candado-armoured-s-ifam

    Armoured S padlock


    The padlocks from the Armoured Series with dimple keys The IFAM’s Armoured Series padlocks have been reinforced with the Armoured S padlocks, with dimple keys. This type of key provides extra security to these robust padlocks. The Armored S have a brass body reinforced by a hardened steel casing and a steel shackle more than [...]

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  • cilindro-serie-c-ifam

    C Series cylinder locks


    The most economical range of IFAM cylinders Easy and effective. That is the way C Series cylinder locks by IFAM are. These cylinders are an ideal and economical solution for doors that do not require a high level of security. The C Series cylinders are commonly used in buildings during construction periods and in houses [...]

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  • cilindros-para-puertas-f5s-ifam-art

    F5S Series cylinders


    Cylinder locks with a wide range of dimensions The IFAM F5S Series cylinders have been designed for those looking for a simple and high quality solution for their locks. Its main strengths are the wide variety of dimensions in standard version and with knob, besides its anti-drill and anti-picking protection.

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