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Master keying service

At IFAM we offer a master keying service tailored to your needs for controlling access to residential buildings, offices, industrial installations, etc.

What is included in IFAM’s master keying service?

  1. A preliminary study of your needs, prior to carrying out a master key plan.
  2. The calculations.
  3. Manufacturing of cylinders and master keys.
  4. Conducting a follow up service so master key extensions can be made in the future.

Simple master keying system


A simple master keying plan consists of several doors that can be opened by each user with the corresponding key and also with a master key that opens all the doors.

Comunal entrance master keying system


A comunal entrance master keying system for community residents. Each user can use their key to access the authorised common doors. If desired, the cylinders for the homes, storerooms, etc. can be included.

Grand master keying system


With this type of master keying system, two or more groups of users have keys that open their door as well as master keys that open the rest of the doors in their group. At a higher level, a great master key is available that opens all the doors in the building. This type of master keying plan is common at office buildings.