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Unique key solution


If you want to simplify the accesses to your building or installations and at the same time lighten the weight of your key chain, you can do so using our unique key solution.
Using only one key you can open the cylinders, padlocks and locks that are compatible with each other, which simplifies and makes daily use much more convenient.

Compatible products with the M2 security key:
– RX Series cylinders
– M Anti Snap Series cylinders
– M Series cylinders
– Huno80 padlock
– CS88LV rim lock

Compatible products with the 5-pin key (D Series):
– D Series cylinders
– K50 padlock
– InoxPlus50 padlock
– Inox50 padlock
– Max50 padlock
– Inox Cable padlock
– Armoured Series padlocks
– U Series padlocks
– CS125 rim lock
– CS126 rim lock
– B5/50 rim lock