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PC Series hasps and staples

Supports for padlocks with shackle diameters of up to 11-12 millimetres

The PC Series hasps and staples from IFAM are available in three different sizes depending on your needs. A good quality-price ratio, its easy assembling and versatility are the strong points of these hasps and staples, which allow attaching padlocks with shackles measuring between 11-12 millimetres in diameter; in other words, padlocks with a high level of security.


Body: – Made of stamped steel,
– Hardened steel fastening ring.
– Three different body sizes.
Other features: – Hidden fixing screws.
– Easy installation.
Packaging: – Blister packed.


PC410 PC420 PC430
Body length (from the axis to the hinge) (A): 73 112 131
Body height (B): 29 47 47
Bracket length (C): 28 45 45
Diameter of the ring´s hole (D): 9.5 13 13
Distance from the hinge’s axis to the axis of the ring (E): 53 81 100

Dimensions expressed in millimetres.