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B5/50 rim lock

Rim lock with an easy to use button

The main characteristic of IFAM’s B5/50 rim lock is the open button located on the indoor side of the door, which makes this product very easy to use. Other important feature is its compatibility with keys from other IFAM products such as the D Series cylinders, CS125 and CS126 rim locks and padlocks such as the K50, Inox50, Armoured Series, U Series, etc.

Download file technical sheet. b5 rim lock pdf 171.92 kB


Body and strike: – Made of steel.
Handle: – Made of chromed steel.
– Thickness: 9 mm.
Opening / locking: – 5 pin cylinder.
– 2 turn locking.
– Suitable for left-hand and right-hand doors.
Keys: – Standard key.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
-Key compatible with: D Series cylinders; InoxPlus50, Inox50, Inox Cable, Max50, K50, Armoured Series and U Series padlocks; Cs125 and CS126 locks.
Packaging: – Box packed.
Finish: – Brass epoxi paint.


B5/50 rim lock
Body base: 60mm
Body height: 96mm
Diameter of the holes for the screws (body): 5mm
Distance between the holes for the screws (body): 40mm (sideways) and 70mm. (vertical)
Handle length: 110mm
Handle thickness: 9mm
Cylinder diameter: 23mm
Cylinder length: 50mm

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