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PCL2 hasps and staples

Ideal to be used with high security padlocks

The PCL2 hasps and staples from IFAM has a ring with enough space for large diameter shackles. Specifically, they may be closed using padlocks with shackles measuring between 13.5 and 14 millimetres thick. Therefore this hasp is ideal to be closed using high security padlocks. Also the PCL2 hasps and staples stands out for being very strong and resistant to corrosion. Its design allows it to be easily installed over wood or metal on lifting gates, doors or lorries, containers, etc.


Body: – Manufactured in stamped and hardened  steel.
– Espesor del herraje: 5 mm.
– Argolla con orificio de 13 mm. de diámetro capaz de albergar candados de alta seguridad.
Other features: – Tornillos anticizalla y antitaladro DIN 603×63 mm. de longitud.
– Válido para puertas de madera de hasta 40 mm. de espesor. (instalación con tornillos).
– Válido para puertas metálicas mediante soldadura.
Packaging: – Blister packed.
– 6 screws included for its installation.


PCL2 hasps and staples
Body length (each of two halves): 76mm
Body height: 53mm
Maximum thickness of the body: 11.5mm
Base/height of the movable squares: 45mm
Diameter of the ring´s hole: 14.5mm
Ring´s base: 30mm
Diameter of the holes for the screws: 5mm