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Hercules padlock

High security performance in two types of padlocks

Two types of Hercules high security padlocks from IFAM are available. The body of the Hercules A and Hercules A Colour models surrounds its shackle to provide it with extra protection against attacks with bolt-cutters and levers. On the other hand, the Hercules B padlock looks like a classical padlock, suitable for very diverse uses. Besides, its extra strong body provides the Hercules B padlock with an important value as a deterrent.

Download file technical sheet. hercules a padlock pdf 181.66 kB

Download file technical sheet. hercules b padlock pdf 202.23 kB


Security level: – Standard EN12320 Grade 4  (Hercules B).
– Standard EN12320 Grade 3 (Hercules A and A Colour).
Body: – Made of carbon nitrate plated steel with nickel rust resistant plating.
Shackle: – Made of chrome-nickel-molybdenum alloy steel, hardened and chrome plated.
– Bolt-cutter proof and lever proof shackle protector (Hercules A and A Colour)..
– Diameter: 11mm.
Opening / locking: – Double locking system using steel ball bearings.
– Pick proof cylinderwith drill resistant protection by means of two carbon nitrate and nickel plated escutcheons.
Keys: – Security dimple key with millions of differs.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
– Key compatible with: Titan padlock; Top Giant chain and Traveller Mini Secure and Disk Giant 80 motorcycle brake disc anti thefts.
Packaging: – Blister packed.



Hercules A / Hercules A Colour padlock
Body base: 57mm
Body height: 75mm
Body thickness: 26mm
Shackle span: 20mm
Shackle height: 19mm
Shackle diameter: 11mm


Hercules B padlock
Body base: 57mm
Body height: 46.5mm
Body thickness: 26mm
Shackle span: 28mm
Shackle height: 23mm
Shackle diameter: 11mm

Associated Services

  • Master keying service.
  • Keying alike service.
  • Certain key number service.
  • Laser engraving service.