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IFAM adds mechanical code locks to its range of locks

cerraduras mca ifam

IFAM presents the MCA100 and MCA200 locks, with mechanical code opening mechanisms. Designed for installation on interior doors, these new locks serve the purpose of providing access control to offices and other workplaces, teaching centres, residential blocks, etc.

They are genuinely easy to use. Simply enter the combination on the front of the lock and turn the handle. Users have up to 13 buttons for creating a code.

Furthermore, unlike other models in the market, the MCA locks offer a very simple programming system. Before installing the lock on the door, the user rotates the screws that activate the buttons corresponding to their chosen code with a screwdriver.

Two versions of the MCA locks are available: MCA100, a recessed model; and MCA200, for surface installation. Both models can be used on left- and right-handed doors, and can be installed regardless of whether the door opens inwards or outwards.