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Storm Mini, the most compact brake disc lock with an alarm

antirrobo freno disco storm mini

The line of brake disc locks for motorcycles from IFAM welcomes a new item: the Storm Mini device. It is the most compact anti-theft device with an alarm from IFAM. In the 7.5cm long body it houses a powerful alarm that can reach 110 decibels. We are talking about a small device, but one that has high theft deterrence.

One of the major advantages of the Storm Mini is that its alarm only goes off when it is installed on the disc of the motorcycle brake. As a result, if the user hits the anti-theft device while carrying it the alarm will not make any noise.

Insofar as security, this new anti-theft device achieves a good level of protection thanks to its robust body and 5.5 mm thick steel shank. It is opened and closed using a vehicle type key. The Storm Mini is supplied with two keys.

Another significant point is the long life of the CR2 lithium battery that comes with the device.

The new Storm Mini anti-theft device is sold in two colours to fit motorcycle rider’s tastes: yellow and red.