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IFAM reveals new hardware and LOTO products at SICUR


IFAM attended the SICUR International Security Exhibition in February, one of the most important trade fairs for this sector in Europe. Usually held every two years, the event this year was a return to normality for the trade fair schedule as well as a chance to continue strengthening business relations at face-to-face events. This led to the recovery of direct contact with employees, companies, installers and managers at small businesses throughout the sector.

Due to the significant commercial importance of attending this event, IFAM opted for a presence in two spaces of a strategic nature for the brand; hardware and industrial safety. Furthermore, the number of visitors, the interest shown in our products and the great reception received by the new items on show mean that IFAM was very happy with the results from its time at SICUR this year.

Presentation of new locksmithing products

The new IRIDIUM and PLATINUM cylinders were two of the most important new products we revealed at the event. These new cylinders replace the M+/F6S+ and M/F6S, respectively, and represent a major leap forward in the offer of high-security locksmithing products and services from IFAM. The PLATINUM series includes a dual anti-bumping and drill-resistant security system. In turn, the IRIDIUM series goes one step further to offer even greater security with both features of the PLATINUM series plus double anti-snap protection in a strengthened steel shackle.

The CS500 rim lock was another new product revealed by IFAM at the fair. This model guarantees the features of a high-security rim lock with the convenience of being able to use any long cam Euro profile cylinder. Depending on the cylinder size, its great adaptability ensures that the CS500 rim lock can be installed on a wide range of door widths. Furthermore, it includes an option to boost its high level of security even further by adding a protective escutcheon to the lock.

Range of LOTO products

In turn, the industrial safety stand displayed the broad range of LOTO products that IFAM has to offers and was very popular with professionals in this sector. The range of LOTO products included those related to lockout-tagout and signs for indicating various energy sources. Visitors were able to see the extensive and qualified LOTO offer that makes up the IFAM range, as well as the variety of options available for personalising products and services.facebooktwittergoogle_plusredditpinterestlinkedinmail