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Wall Switch Lockout

Designed to lock 110-220V power switches

The IFAM wall switch lockout can be used for isolating 110 V – 220 V switches. It’s made of polypropylene that’s completely insulated from electrical current, and it couldn’t be easier to install. All you need to install it is a screwdriver and the same screws that are used for attaching the switch to the wall.

Download file technical sheet. Wall Switch Lockout pdf 774.23 kB


• Lock for wall-mounted switches (110-220V).
• Using this device, the switch can be locked either in the on or off position.
• Made of polypropylene with high resistance to corrosion, chemical agents and high temperatures.
• This product offers a 100% insulation to avoid electric shock.
• Easy installation using the swithc’s screws. It is necessary to use a screwdriver for installation
• Locked by a padlock with an arc with a maximum diameter of 7 mm.