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Speed Trap brake disc lock

Robustness and security for your motorcycle

There’s no denying that the Speed Trap disc lock from IFAM is an expression of robustness. Its steel body and mushroom shaped shackle pin that’s 13.5 millimetres in diameter express an undeniable sense of security. And if on top of that, you add high resistance to cutting with a saw or bolt cutter, drilling and picking, you’ve got a very powerful anti-theft device that’s perfect for mid-size and large motorcycles.


Body: – Made of tempered steel.
– Cut-resistant, drill-resistant, penetration-resistant, pick-resistant and extraction-resistant.
– PVC casing to protect from contact with the motorcycle or outdoor wear and tear.
Shackle pin: – Made of chromed tempered steel.
– Diameter: 13,5 mm.
Opening/closing: – Disc type lock with protecting lid to avoid humidity and dirt.
Keys: – Disc type keys.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
Packaging: – Blister.
– Supplied with a resistant fabric cover.