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S4MK padlock

A version of the R4MK padlock with a thinner shackle

The IFAM’s combination key override padlock S4MK is an alternative option to the R4MK model, due to its thinner shackle of 4.7 mm diameter. This feature makes the S4MK padlock suitable for almost any gym or school locker. Just like the R4MK, the S4MK can be supplied with an emergency key, when acquiring a batch of padlocks. So, the people in charge of these sports and education centres can open the padlocks in case the users forget the combination or if opening the lockers in the users’ absence is needed. IFAM only supplies the emergency key under direct request.

Download file technical sheet. S4MK padlock pdf 472.40 kB


Body: – Made of zinc alloy.
Shackle: – Made of hardened steel.
– Diameter: 4.7 mm.
Opening / locking: – Using the wheels or key override.
Wheels: – 4 wheels with 10 digits each.
– 10.000 possible differs to choose.
Keys: – Standard key.
– The product is supplied without keys, unless it is asked at the point of sale or is requested directly to IFAM.
Packaging: – Box packed.



S4MK padlock
Body base: 39 mm.
Body height: 47.5 mm.
Shackle span: 16.4 mm.
Shackle steel: 22.4 mm.
Shackle diameter: 4.7 mm.

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