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RPM lock

A different yet very practical anti-theft device

With the RPM handlebar lock from IFAM, you have your motorcycle’s security in the palm of your hand. This device sets itself apart with its great ease of use and convenience, being as it secures the handle and the brake or clutch lever at the same time. What’s more, you can use either the left or right side of the handlebars.


Body: – Made from anodised aluminium to avoid corrosion.
Bolt: – Made of steel.
– Diameter: 6,75 mm.
Opening/closing: – Tubular key lock.
Other features: – Quick and easy to handle.
– High visibility and effective deterrent.
– Highly comfortable to use. Attaches to the handlebar, securing both the grip and the brake or clutch levers.
– The device can be secured to the left or right grips on the handlebar.
Keys: – Tubular key.
– Supplied with 2 keys.
Packaging: – Box packed.
– Includes adaptors for use with any kind of motorcycle.
– Available in three colours: red, chrome or black.