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Paddock brake disc lock

A light weight and secure anti-theft device for locking brake discs

Anyone looking for a light weight disc lock that fits the size of their motorcycle can find a very practical solution in the Paddock anti-theft devices. Available in sizes from 75 mm to 100 mm, the Paddock locks are resistant to cutting, drilling, sawing, picking and plug-pulling.


Body: – Made of zinc alloy.
– PVC protection to protect it against scratches.
– Anti-cut resistance, anti-drill, anti-saw, anti-picking and anti-extraction.
Shackle pin: – Made of hardened steel.
– Diameters: 5,5 mm. (Paddock75) and 10 mm. (Paddock100).
Opening /closing: – Dimple key locks with dust and dirt protective cover.
Keys: – Laser key.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
Packaging: – Blister.
– Supplied with resistant cloth holstar and Rec110 reminder cable.
– Available in three colors: chrome, red and yellow.