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Multi-lock PMI 25 hasp

A hasp capable of holding 6 safety padlocks

The Multi-lock PMI hasp from IFAM is designed for simultaneously holding up to 6 padlocks, with shackles measuring up to 9 millimetres in diameter. They may be used with any type of padlock but this hasp is preferably used for attaching lock out-tag out padlocks in industrial and productive installations in general. The Multi-lock PMI hasp is the ideal supplement for the safety padlocks from IFAM: the SF40s and the COL40s.

Download file technical sheet. multi-lock pmi 25 hasp pdf 177.07 kB


Body: – Made of steel with very hard polypropylene coating.
– 6 holes of 9.6mm in diameter to hold padlocks.
Shackle: – Treated steel tongs
– Free diameter for the tongs’ hitch: 25. 5mm.
Opening / locking: – The tong reamains blocked when one or more padlocks are introduced in the body of the hasp.
Packaging: – Group box packed.


Multi-lock PMI 25 hasp
Body base: 40mm
Body height: 53mm
Total length: 115mm
Internal diameter of the closed tong: 25.5mm
Diameter of the body’s holes: 9.6mm
Body thickness (with close tong): 8.6mm