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CS70 rim lock

Reinforce the security of your door

Thanks to its 18 mm thick steel lever and its cylinder with 7 pins, IFAM’s CS70 security rim lock provides a good level of protection for your door. Located in the medium range of IFAM rim locks, the CS70 is a great option for doors of leased flats, second homes, etc.


Body and strike: – Made of steel.
Handle: – Square, made of chromed steel.
– Thickness: 18mm.
Opening / locking: – 7 pin cylinder.
– 2 turn locking.
Keys: – Standard key.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
Packaging: – Box packed.
Finish: – Brass epoxi paint.


CS70 rim lock
Body base: 105mm.
Body height: 88mm.
Body thickness: 2mm.
Strike base: 33mm.
Strike height: 148mm.
Joint width (when the handle is closed): 163mm.
Handle thickness: 18mm.
Cylinder diameter: 27mm.
Cylinder length: 49mm.