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IFAM exhibits its locksmithing, industrial security and anti-theft lines at four fairs in Mexico

ifam ferias mexico 2018

The four months between June and October have generated great exhibition activity for the IFAM brand in Mexico. The most recent of these fairs, Bici Expo, took place from 19 to 21 October, while the other three events in which IFAM participated as an exhibitor were ExpoCerrajera, in June; ADUPAC, in July and ExpoFerretera, at the beginning of September.

IFAM attended the Bici Expo for the first time, a fair that annually gathers the main manufacturers of bicycle components and accessories in Mexico and neighbouring countries. The brand presented its bicycle locks line to a large audience comprised of distributors and retailers, as well as a significant number of end consumers, who gathered at the World Trade Center in Mexico City.

“The reception of our products was very satisfying,” says Óscar Buenrostro, head of the IFAM brand in Mexico. “Our goal was to convey the full range of our anti-theft devices as well as their quality. I believe we achieved that, seeing that we made good contacts with owners of bicycle shops. We also achieved a good start to brand recognition among end users, “he adds.

Excellent results at ExpoCerrajera, ADUPAC and ExpoFerretera

After BiciExpo, IFAM attended three expos (ExpoCerrajera, ADUPAC and ExpoFerretera) at which it has been a faithful participant in recent years. The locksmithing line occupied a large part of the IFAM stands at ExpoCerrajera and ExpoFerretera, held in Gudalajara in June and September, respectively. At this last fair, its cylinders and padlocks shared the leading role with the brand’s industrial security line. And year after year it is apparent how interest grows in Mexico for Lockout-Tagout products for machinery and industrial equipment for the prevention of occupational risks.

For its part, the ADUPAC Expo, an event dedicated to automotive locksmithing that took place at the end of July in Mexico City, demonstrated growing interest in the Mexican market for the IFAM brand motorcycle antitheft products.