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IFAM presents latest locksmith products at Greek Locksmith Exhibition

ifam en feria grecia

IFAM obtained satisfactory results at the Greek Locksmith Exhibition (Athens, 5th – 6th May). A large number of locksmith and hardware professionals from Greece visited the IFAM stand, which attended the event in partnership with Malapetsas – its distributor in Greece.

The Greek Locksmith Exhibition provided a stage for IFAM on which to present the extensive range of locksmith products from the brand. As was to be expected, all eyes were on the latest additions to its catalogue. The WX1000 cylinder was highly popular, with its triple anti-bumping system, special anti-drilling protection and anti-snap reinforced bar. Professionals appreciated the high level of security offered by this product, as they did the D-fender escutcheon.

Besides its range of locksmith products, IFAM also presented its wide assortment of padlocks, motorcycle and bicycle locks, and security accessories, which include its three key garage models and the Sentinel 4.0 digital door viewer.

In short, the tradeshow provided a great opportunity to enhance the perception of IFAM as a brand offering a wide range of security solutions.