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The C10 chain reinforces IFAM’s motorcycle chain lock range


IFAM strengthens its motorcycle chain lock line with the recent launch of the C10 chain. With its length of 1.2 m. and galvanized steel links 10 millimetres thick, the C10 chain from IFAM is ideal for protecting large and medium-sized mtororbikes.

One of the highlights of this chain is the lock, operated by laser key. The lock has a key retention system when the device is open. In addition, two plastic tabs protect the lock from dirt and humidity.

The C10 chain’s locks are protected by an elegant black nylon sheath in order to prevent scratches and bumps on the bike while hadling the chain.

The C10 chain increases IFAM’s motorcycle chain lock range and joins other powerful devices such as the H14 chain, the Top Giant chain lock and M10 chain.