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Aluminium hasp lockout

Hasp with a capacity for 8 padlocks

The Aluminium hasp lockout by IFAM impedes that, while performing maintenance work, repairs and machine revisions, the equipment can start accidentally. The hasp´s body is made in aluminium alloy resistant to high temperatures. It also includes a label notifying of the danger and identification of the people responsible for the aforementioned work.

Download file technical sheet. aluminium hasp lockout pdf 224.42 kB


• Designed to prevent accidental use of the equipment when maintenace, repairing or checking work is undertaken.
• The equipment can not be opened / manipulated until the last person has opened its corresponding lock.
• Internal diameter of the grip: 52 mm.
• Made in 100% fireproof treated aluminum alloy resistant to high temperatures.
• Capacity to place up to 8 locks simultaneously with a maximum shackle diameter of 8 mm.
• Includes a label to mark the danger zone and to indicate who is the person responsible for maintaining, repairing or checking the equipment.