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Quarter turn valve adjustable lockouts

Two models meet all lockout needs

With its adjustable lockouts, IFAM provides the solution for locking out practically any 1/4 turn valve. These lockouts are sold in two versions: model A and B. The model A, manufactured in plastic, comes in two sizes depending on the diameter of the piping and the placement of the valves that need to be locked out. The model B, which is completely metal, also comes in two sizes to choose from depending on the size and thickness of the valve lever.

Download file technical sheet. quarter turn valve adjustable lockouts pdf 986.42 kB



  • Designed to lock the stopcocks on various 1/4 turn valves.
  • Made from high performance polyamide an extremely impact and wear resistant material. It also has high insulation strength against extreme temperatures.
  • Available in two sizes:
    – For stopcocks between 6.5 and 65mm or pipes with diametres between 14.5 and 52.5mm
    – For stopcocks up to 205 mm. or pipes with diametres between 50 and 200mm.
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40ºC and 180ºC.
  • Lockable with up to three padlocks with shackle diameter up to 8.5mm.



  • Devices designed to lock . turn valve keys for shut-off valves up to 76mm.
  • Made from steel covered in a special paint that provides resistance to extreme temperatures, UV ray degradation and chemical agents.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • Very quick and easy to install.
  • Lockable with up to six padlocks with shackle diameter up to 8.5mm.