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Stop and Go

A strong and light weight ground anchor with style

Thanks to the Stop & Go ground anchor from IFAM, you can protect your motorcycle in the garage with total confidence. It’s made with 5 mm thick steel and it’s easy to place on the floor or the wall. It’s available in black and red. Combine the Stop & Go with an anti-theft chain and an IFAM padlock to get a very high level of security.


• Suitable for securing two-wheeled vehicles in garages, basements, private car parks, etc.
• Can be mounted on the floor or a wall.
• Includes all the necessary parts for installation.
• 5 mm welded steel plate.
• Distance between axes: 86.5 mm
• Available in two colours: black or red.
• Coated in a thick layer of paint to avoid rust. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.