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Network of IFAM Technical Centres reaches the Canary Islands and Galicia

ifam centros técnicos

The network of IFAM Technical Centres continues to expand throughout Spain. The latest additions mean it reaches such distant corners of the country as the Canary Islands (La Boutique del Cerrajero, in Fuerteventura) and Galicia (Cerrajería O Silleiro, in Carballo, La Coruña). Madrid, Catalonia, Andalusia, La Rioja, Navarre, Castille-Leon, Castile-La Mancha and Murcia are other regions that already have their own technical centres for the brand.

The network of IFAM Technical Centres offer advanced key copying and mastering services to end clients for IFAM cylinder and padlock keys, with the added convenience of not having to order them from the factory. A convenient, fast and flexible service that is also secure because these centres count on IFAM support and know-how, as well as key profiles that are restricted to their geographic region.

The services offered by the IFAM Technical Centres include the copying of IFAM patented keys for the WX1000, WX and Huno cylinders, as well as the design and preparation of master keying plans for properties and associations, work centres, etc.

IFAM is in constant contact with locksmithing businesses in various regions interested in joining the IFAM network of technical centres. The network is therefore expected to continue growing over the coming months.

Click here for a list of businesses forming part of the network of IFAM Technical Centres.