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New coloured key caps for IFAM cylinder keys, rim lock keys and padlock keys

ifam silicon key caps

IFAM recently presented an interesting accessory for the keys to some of its best-selling cylinder locks and padlocks. These silicon covers come in various colours and essentially serve two purposes: firstly, they provide a way to know which key opens which cylinder lock or padlock; and, secondly, they provide better grip and easier use of the key.

IFAM has added these covers for its M2 keys, which are used to open the cylinder locks in the M and M+Anti Snap series, the CS88LV, CS88 M50/M70 and B6 rim locks, and the Titán, Huno 80 and Armoured S padlocks. The covers are sold in bags of 10 units with a mix of five colours: red, blue, yellow, green and white.

Covers for LOTO padlocks

As well as the covers for M2 keys, IFAM has also launched silicon covers for its SF40 LOTO padlocks. They are also compatible with the Col40 padlocks.

These covers are available in seven colours for the SF40 range (blue, red, orange, yellow, green, black and white) so that professionals responsible for industrial safety LOTO tasks can clearly identify the padlocks they are responsible for.

To help with identification, the SF40 key covers have a rear window that enables the key’s numerical code to be read. This opening is especially useful when the LOTO padlocks on an installation form part of a master keying system.