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IFAM publishes guide on Lockout-Tagout (LOTO)

ifam bloqueo y etiquetado LOTO

IFAM has published a guide on products and procedures for Lockout-Tagout (LOTO) for industrial safety. The document includes the definition of Lockout-Tagout, its purpose, origins, applicable national and international legislations and the advantages its application provides to companies. It also explains in a summarised and clear manner what LOTO products are and how they should be used to correctly carry out Lockout-Tagout protocols.

“We believe that a guide with these characteristics is very necessary for industrial companies, and also for industrial supplies distributors that are unaware or have little information regarding LOTO”, says Óscar Solano, head of the IFAM LOTO product range. “Lockout-Tagout is a system that originated in the United States two decades ago and that has been spreading, first to countries in the rest of the Americas and, later, to Europe. It is undoubtedly becoming an important issue for the prevention of occupational hazards and in a few years we expect it to become a standard within the industrial sector, ” adds Solano.

The IFAM Lockout-Tagout guide may be downloaded by clicking here.