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IFAM presents SAFESTONE safes

ifam safes fingerprint

IFAM is expanding its range of security accessories by launching the SAFESTONE safes. Combining high security with aesthetic style, these safes feature cutting-edge technology in that not only do they offer an opening mechanism based on a numerical combination but also offer a biometric digital fingerprint version. Besides the two different opening mechanisms, the SAFESTONE safes come in two different sizes and 7 different colours: black, orange, blue, yellow, pink, purple and green.

While the SAFESTONE safes are indeed visually eye-catching, you simply need to pick one up to get a sense of how sturdy and robust they are. The 4 mm-thick walls provide strength while the 20mm-diameter locking pins provide security, with the SAFESTONE 350 model weighing 18kg and the SAFESTONE 430 model weighing 23 kg.

Another important security aspect of these safes is the powerful alarm system, which activates upon impact and any attempt at forced entry.

Opening mechanism based on a digital fingerprint or numerical code

The biometric digital fingerprint opening mechanism is one of the most outstanding features of the SAFESTONE safes. This is the perfect system for allowing various users to open the safe. In fact, the fingerprints of up to 100 different users can be saved in the system.

Those who prefer a more traditional opening mechanism with greater access restriction can opt for the numerical code version, which can be conveniently programmed using the keypad on the front of the safe.

Emergency devices

As well as their high security, users can also benefit from the peace of mind that comes with both the emergency keys and the emergency battery included in the SAFESTONE safes. Both the keys and the battery allow the safe to be unlocked when the 4 AAA batteries used to power the system run out. Furthermore, the keys can also be used to open the safe in the extreme event that all attempts to open the safe using the code or fingerprint have been exhausted.