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IFAM expands its range of LOTO products

ifam loto

IFAM has gradually added new and interesting items to its line of LOTO products for industrial equipment over the last few months. The largest number of new products has been added to the lines of LOTO padlocks, clamps and accessories.

For the range of LOTO padlocks, it is worth highlighting the addition of a new colour – white – for the body of SF40 padlocks. This new colour option is available for 7 types of shackle in the range. Furthermore, another type of shackle has been added to those already available: the thin stainless steel shackle. So now there are 8 different types of shackle available for the SF40 range of padlocks.

The range of locking clamps has been expanded with the 13 padlock Multiple Hasp, ideal for any LOTO tasks carried out by a large group of workers..

Finally, the range of LOTO accessories is the line with the most new additions. In total, three new LOTO boxes for wall installation have been launched: the Master Box, designed for securely storing the master key to various LOTO padlocks; the Safekeeping box, which can be used to store the keys to various padlocks during LOTO tasks; and the Wall Box, with the same function as the former but with a smaller capacity and size.