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IFAM adds electric strikes to its locksmith product’s range

cerraderos eléctricos ifam

IFAM is strengthening its extensive range of locksmith products with the incorporation of a new product line: electric strikes. These devices, also known as electric door openers, allow doors to be opened by means of an electrical impulse. Under the name E-Strike, IFAM is offering a large number of products in three different models. These strikes adapt to any type of door and offer a wide range of voltages suitable for the main automatic door entry systems.

Firstly, the A1 E-Strike model is 21 mm wide so it can be installed on wood or ironwork doors, principally, and can be used with a voltage from 8 to 14 V AC/DC. The B1 E-Strike model, thanks to its 16 mm width, is suitable for installation on any type of door, including aluminium and PVC. It has a voltage range from 9 to 16 V. Lastly, the B2 E-Strike adds to the features of the above model with a greater range of voltages (from 9 to 24 V AC/DC) and a stronger side load, which allows a door to be opened with pressures of up to 200 N.

Wide range of options
The three IFAM electric strike models are available in a wide range of options in both functions and finishes. As regards functions, all the E-Strike strikes can be purchased in fail-secure and hold-open versions, as well as with internal hold-open function in the case of the A1 model. Moreover, each one of these functions is also offered with a release lever.

As regards finishes, the strikes can be purchased with or without a faceplate. In the first option, the faceplates can be short or long with finishes in grey or stainless steel.

A reliable product
 The E-Strike strikes are certified in accordance with EN14846 and have a proven durability greater than 200,000 cycles. Their practical and functional design together with quality manufacture make them a very reliable product.
With the launch of the new electric strikes, IFAM is increasing its range of locksmith products, which includes cylinders, locks, rim locks and escutcheons for doors.