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New WX1000 cylinder: maximum security with IFAM quality

Cilindro de alta seguridad WX1000: antibumping, antirrotura, antitaladro y llave de perfil patentado

IFAM presents the new WX1000 door cylinder, the top of the range cylinder from the brand. This model has many features and novelties that make it one of the safest on the market. These include antibumping and anti-drill protection and a reinforced anti-snap bridge, among other features.

The WX1000 is an innovative cylinder, as shown by its triple antibumping protection. Developed by IFAM’s engineering department, the system incorporates both a double pin and a double spring that prevent the pins from aligning when trying to force the cylinder via the bumping technique.

It is also a cylinder with the highest quality guarantee, as IFAM certified it according to the EN: 1303: 2015 standard in independent laboratories. In fact, the WX1000 exceeds the specifications set by this standard in terms of operating cycles, resistance to extraction and breakage, etc.

The anti-snap protection is another key highlight of this new cylinder. Its reinforced bridge is made of stainless steel and attached to the body by four 3.5 mm thick steel pins, which dissipate the force of any attempts to break it.

It is also worth noting the extraordinary anti-drill protection of this model. Bars located in both the cam and the body reinforce a shell in the lower part of the cylinder and additional steel pins. It also includes anti lock picking protection.

Key duplicating security

The new WX1000 cylinder is supplied with 5 keys made of high strength nickel silver material and with ABS resin heads for a more comfortable use.

The security this model offers comes not only from its internal elements, but also from its key. Firstly, because we are talking about a patented profile and secondly due to the control of key copies, another important element to take into account.

The cylinder comes with an owner’s card which has a unique user code, controlled by IFAM Control Code System (CCS) software. Users provide the code when they need to make new copies of the key. They then receive a new card with a new code along with their new additional keys and the CCS system ensures that the old code is obsolete and is not provided to any other user.

Great master keying capacity

In addition to the security of its internal elements, the new WX1000 cylinder is ideal for all types of mastering, especially large-scale mastering. Its 16 active pins, all of them masterable, provide millions of combinations.