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The WX1000 cylinder from IFAM obtains highest ratings in laboratory test

wx1000 certificado en:1303:2015

IFAM’s WX1000 cylinder recently obtained the certificate for having passed the tests under EN:1303:2015 standards conducted at the Tecnalia laboratories.

WX1000 more than met the measurement parameters for the standards by obtaining – and in some cases exceeding – the highest levels set for the tests. It demonstrated a capacity to withstand more than 100,000 operation cycles, presented the highest level of security for the key and obtained the highest rating in terms of resistance to snapping and drilling, as well as corrosion and extreme temperatures.

This all stems from its special anti-drill protection and anti-snap reinforced bar; systems that combine with the triple anti-bumping system developed by IFAM to make the WX1000 one of the most secure cylinders in the market.

This certification for the WX1000 cylinder joins those already obtained by the WX, M+Anti Snap, M and D series. Click here to view and download the certificates obtained by the IFAM cylinders under EN:1303:2015 standards.