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Traveller ball joint lock

Maximum protection against theft and the elements

The Traveller motorcycle ball joint lock anti theft from IFAM is categorized in the product segment with the highest degree of security and best features of the entire range of pins from the brand. The Traveller provides a great resistance to theft attempts using bolt cutters or saws and its plastic jacket guarantees a proper operation when used outdoors.

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Ball joints: – Made of carbon nitride and chromed steel.
– Highly resistant to saw and blot-cutter attacks.
– Excellent flexibility.
Coating: – Plastic coated to avoid damages on the ball joints caused by shocks and corrosion. It also protects the motorcycle´s paint from being scratched by the anti theft.
Lengths: – Available in 1m length.
Opening /locking: – Security cylinder with D9 discs system.
Keys: – Security disc key.
– Supplied with 2 keys.
Packaging: – Cardboard display coating.