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Traveller Mini Secure brake disc lock

Small size, great protection for your motorcycle

Don’t be fooled by its small size. The Traveller Mini brake disc lock for motorcycles from IFAM offers a high level of security thanks to its steel body and its cotter measuring 13 mm in diameter. The Traveller Mini Secure also includes a special protection on its lock, making it a hard task for whoever attempts to steal your motorcycle.

Download file technical sheet. traveller mini secure pdf 164.96 kB


Body: – Made of carbon nitride steel.
– Cover by a special coat of paint for protecting the anti theft.
Cotter: – Made of tempered and chromed steel.
– Diameter: 13mm.
Opening /locking: – Dimple key cylinder armoured with two hardened steel escutcheons.
Keys: – Reversible dimple key with millions of differs.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
– Key compatible with: Titan, Hercules A /A Colour y Hercules B padlocks; Top Giant chain and.Disk Giant 80 anti theft.
Packaging: – In transparent plastic box.
– Resistant fabric cover, Rec110 reminder cable and support bracket included.


Traveller Mini Secure anti theft
Body legth: 80mm
Body diameter: 45mm
Cotter´s handle´s diameter: 42mm
Cotter’s diameter: 13mm

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