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Top Giant chain

A completely reliable assembly: H14 chain plus a padlock with a 14 mm shackle

The Top Giant motorcycle anti theft chain from IFAM combines the H14 chain with a cylinder shaped high security padlock with a double U shackle measuring 14 mm in diameter. If you wish to achieve the highest degree of protection for your motorcycle look no further: the Top Giant is the solution. It also forms a perfect tandem with the AS1 anchor for protecting your vehicle inside the garage.

Download file technical sheet. top giant chain pdf 180.97 kB


Links: – Made of steel and high resistance manganese alloy.
– Nickel plated to make them highly resistant to rust.
– Hexagonal shape.
– Diameter: 14mm.
Padlock: – Tempered steel body.
– Double U shackle for the perfect fitting of the chain´s links.
– Bolt-cutter proof hardened shackle.
– Shackle diameter: 14mm.
Lengths: – Available in two different lengths: 1.20m and 1.60m.
Opening / locking: – Security cylinder armoured with two hardened steel escutcheons.
Keys: – Dimple key with millions of differs.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
– Key compatible: Titan, Hércules A, Hercules A Colour and Hercules B padlocks; Traveller Mini Secure and Disk Giant 80.motorcycle brake disc locks.
Other features: – Includes cover made of resistant black nylon.
– Excellent flexibility.
Packaging: – Box packed.


Top Giant chain
Links length: 80mm
Last link’s length: 100mm
Links width: 50mm
Last link’s width: 60mm
Links diameter: 14mm
Padlock´s length: 115mm
Padlock’s thickness (diameter): 50mm
Shackle diameter: 14mm

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