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Storm Lock brake disc lock

With 110 decibel alarm and available in three colours

The Storm Lock brake disc lock for motorcycles by IFAM alerts you when there is an attempt to steal your motorcycle with its alarm system, which highly sensitive to impacts. The 110 decibel alarm makes three different kinds of sounds depending on the repetition of the impacts detected by the sensor when thieves are trying to open it. The IFAM Storm Lock is, without a doubt, one of the best deterrent devices to keep your motorcycle from getting stolen. Additionally, it’s now available in three colours:chrome, red and black.

Download file technical sheet. Storm lock brake disc lock pdf 107.17 kB


Body: – Made of nickel plated, chromed zinc alloy.
Cotter: – Made of steel.
– Diameter: 7mm.
Alarm: – Volume: 110 decibels.
– Motion sensor to alert when forced opening of the lock is attempted.
Keys: – Laser type key.
– Supplied with 2 keys.
Packaging: – Blister packed.
– Resistant fabric cover and Rec110 reminder cable included.
– Available in 3 different colors: chrome, red and black.


Storm Lock anti theft
Body length: 94mm
Body height: 59mm
Cotter height: 57mm
Cotter span: 7mm
Cotter diameter: 7mm