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InoxPlus padlocks

Very high corrosion resistance without compromising safety

The InoxPlus padlocks from IFAM have a very high resistance to corrosion, behind only the InoxTop padlock, who leads the series of IFAM stainless padlocks. The body, bow and internal components of the InoxPlus padlocks are made of stainless steel. The cylinder, though, is made of brass, with a bath of nickel and chrome to make it particularly resistant to corrosion. The closure by double stainless steel ball and the key retention system give an extra security degree to these padlocks.


Body: – Made of stainless steel.
Shackle: – Made of stainless steel.
Components: – Internal components made of stainless steel.
Opening / locking: – Double stainless steel locking system.
– Nickel-chrome plated cylinder with high corrosion resistance.
– Key retention system when the padlock is open.
Keys: – Standard key.
– Supplied with 2 keys.
– The InoxPlus50 padlock’s key is compatible with: D Series cylinders; B5/50 rim lock; Inox50, Inox Cable, Max50, K50, Armoured Series and U Series padlocks; CS125 and CS126 locks.
Packaging: – Box packed.


InoxPlus40 InoxPlus50
Body base (A) 37,5 mm. 49,5 mm.
Body height (B) 34 mm. 41 mm.
Shackle height (C) 19,8 mm. 26,2 mm.
Shackle diameter (D) 7 mm. 8,8 mm.
Shackle span (L) 19,6 mm. 24,8 mm.