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Spiral Combination cable lock

10.000 differs to choose the combination of your anti theft

If you prefer using a combination lock to the traditional key type lock for bicycles, IFAM offers the Spiral Combination cable lock. Its lock, with four rollers with ten digits each, allows the user to set the combination by choosing between 10,000 possible combinations. The Spiral Combination: a different method but just as effective for protecting your bicycle.

Download file technical sheet. spiral combinacion 180 pdf 189.26 kB


Cable: – Vinyl coated galvanized steel braided cable.
– Length: 180cm.
– Diameter: 8mm.
Opening /locking: – Combination lock.
– 10-digit 4 wheels.
– 10.000 possible differs to choose.
Packaging: – Bag packed.
– Bracket included for carrying the anti theft while riding the bike.