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Grid brake disc lock

Equipped with a button for easier use

The Grid anti-theft devices from IFAM are available in two sizes, 75 mm and 100 mm, to fit the size of the brake disc on your motorcycle. They also fit the tastes of users by being available in three different colours. But, the really unique element of these practical anti-theft devices is the button that lets you close them without having to turn the key.


Body: – Made of zinc alloy.
– PVC casing for scratch protection.
Shackle pin: – Made of hardened steel.
– Diameters: 5,5 mm. (Grid75) and 10 mm. (Grid100).
Opening/closing: – Disc lock in a protective casing to prevent damage from damp or dirt.
Keys: – Disc type key.
– Supplied with 3 keys.
Packaging: – Blister.
– Supplied with resistant cloth holstar and Rec110 reminder cable.
– Available in three colours: chrome, red or yellow.