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IFAM presents two new videos

IFAM has recently added two new videos to its Youtube channel, IFAM TV. The first is a corporate presentation of the brand and its products and the second, a video dedicated to IFAM’s range of industrial safety products.

The corporate video shows the different aspects that have made IFAM one of the leading companies in the lock technology sector at national level. It also explains the company’s international expansion, with operations in Europe and America and presence in more than 50 markets worldwide.

Aspects such as quality, innovation and service vocation to its clients are reflected in this audiovisual, which also addresses the wide range of IFAM products: cylinders, locks, rim locks, padlocks, motorcycle and bicycle locks, security accessories and industrial safety products.

IFAM’s industrial safety solutions are the subject of the other video recently made. Specifically, this video is dedicated to devices that can block the power supplies of machinery and industrial equipment when they are being checked or repaired, thus avoiding accidents among the people working on them.

They are called consignment products, also known as LOTO (Lockout Tagout).

The video explains the need for these devices in any industrial installation and shows the operation of the products that make up the IFAM range. This includes padlocks, mechanical, electrical, valve and pneumatic locking devices, as well as accessories for grouping and storing these products.